Our Mentorship Programme is proving to be a great opportunity for people from all areas of the business to link in with a senior management mentor and to benefit from supportive discussions & insights which challenges them to look at their career progression within Capita and meet one-to-one to tackle career blocks and plan ahead.

Our panel of mentors consists of members of our Senior Management Team who assist those who wish to benefit from individual career mentoring.

Mentoring has become an increasingly popular means of supporting personal development. Essentially, the experience of the mentor is leveraged to support their mentee in an informal way, with meetings taking place as required with goals set and progress to be shown at the next session. It’s not just about someone answering occasional questions or providing ad-hoc help. It’s more about a continuing relationship over a defined period in which people are challenged to reflect on their careers and enabled to take actions to reach their full potential. 

Part of the Mentorship Programme 2017 included attending Pendulum Summit 2018.  Within two weeks of attending, both mentors & their mentees were invited to share their insight and learnings from the event, which offered an intriguing insight into the different perspectives.


Mentorship Programme

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