Our Social Club is made up of employee volunteers from around the business.  They are tasked with organising social events during the year for example; Summer BBQ, a night at the greyhound track, etc.  Throughout the year, Social Club organises fun (and very competitive) events during the working week, usually coinciding with a milestone event in the calendar; Hallowe'en Costume Competition, Wrap your Desk up for Xmas, Wear your club/county jersey to work Friday, etc. etc.

As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, our Social Club supports employees who are involved with local & national charities by helping promote any off-site events in which they are participating as well as facilitating fundraisers on-site in our offices in the form of cake sales, coffee mornings, raffles etc.

In addition, our Social Club has a dedicated budget to make donations to a registered charity on a quarterly basis, nominated by a staff member, as they see fit.