Initially awarded in 1996, our contract with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (the Department) to provide a Bovine Birth Registration and Passport Issuance service was Capita Customer Solutions’ first outsourcing partnership. All the contracts for this service have been awarded by the Department following public procurement competitions. Our status as uninterrupted supplier is testament to the excellence of our performance and the strength of our partnership with the Department.

Our role is to process and register information relating to the birth of all bovine animals in the
Republic of Ireland and to produce a “Passport” identity card for each successful application. The registration and associated passport helps guarantee the integrity of our national herd. The passport is an important document that must accompany the bovine animal at all stages of movement.
Farmers can submit electronic and paper applications and we issue 100% of passports within one day of the receipt of valid applications. Passport documents are printed and posted from our dedicated fulfilment centre. Since the scheme started we have issued more than 40 million passports and currently register 2.3m calves each year, the majority during peak calving season in the spring months.

An integrated data and call centre complements our registration service. Staffed by experienced and knowledgeable personnel, many of whom are from farming backgrounds, the centre is a one-stop service for handling queries that arise from the farming community.

We also process Compliance Certificates associated with the movement of cattle and manage calls relating to other programmes such as cattle breeding schemes run by the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation. Our flexible staffing model enables us to adjust our resources up and down in accordance with the seasonality attendant to all our agriculture contracts.

We scan all documents upon receipt. Our customer service representatives therefore have real-time access to registrations (in digitised formats) and their current status and can provide quick and informed responses to caller queries. We archive original documents in our secure storage facility where they can be retrieved within one hour of request should the need arise.

Over the course of the contract our highly-skilled internal software development team has designed and built multiple customised applications to support our services to the Department. They include a data capture system, a printing and packing solution, a scanning system, data analytics tools and a document storage and retrieval system.

Our partnership with the Department has been highly successful for both parties and the agriculture sector as a whole. We look forward to continuing to support one of Ireland’s most important industries well in to the future.