In 2013, we secured a contract with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) when they chose us as their preferred supplier for the delivery of a movement reporting service for all sheep, goats and deer within England. The key service requirements were the provision of a central animal movement database and associated website, a bureau service incorporating a farmer’s helpline, a technical helpdesk and a scanning and paper application processing facility.

Defra’s project targets for Capita Customer Solutions were challenging and diverse; they included:

  • A 70% take up of electronic movements within six months of launch
  • Assumption of responsibility for paper application processing from over 90 Local Authorities
  • Integration of our animal movement database with UK Government systems
  • Management of the communication strategy for multiple stakeholder groups across the agricultural community.

We designed and developed a sophisticated technology solution with the following components:

  • The Animal Reporting and Movements Service (ARAMs) Portals and Database: A central platform for the reporting, amending and recording of animal movements with interfaces to all related databases across Great Britain
  • A website with information on the legislative changes, updates on the transition and timelines, instructions on the new procedure and links to the ARAMS portal
  • Reporting Portal: A variety of reports that can be accessed by Defra, RPA and the Local Authorities.

Bureau Service
We chose our UK site office to host the bureau service, the primary elements of which are: 

  • Farmer’s helpline and technical helpdesk for back-office systems providers
  • Electronic scanning of all ARAMs license forms and supporting documentation
  • Paper application processing
  • Escalation and workflow management
  • Extended opening hours at those times when sheep movements are at their busiest.

The Results
We have met the targets set by Defra; the highlights include:

  • The complete new programme going live before the Government mandated go-live date of 1st April 2014
  • Achieving the 70% take-up of electronic movements ahead of schedule within four months
  • A significant reduction in Government costs
  • More accurate and effective animal traceability
  • Establishment of excellent working relationships with key public and private sector stakeholders throughout the industry
  • Full integration of ARAMs with the equivalent Scottish and Welsh systems to electronically report on cross border movements.

 We look forward to expanding our working relationship with Defra into the future.

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