JuicePLUS+ inspires people to a healthy living around the world.  It is a US based company that operates in more than 20 countries, and now stands at the forefront of the health and wellness industry. Capita Customer Solutions first entered in to partnership with JuicePLUS+ in 2014 when we won the contract to provide multi-lingual customer care to its European customers from our centre of language excellence in Łódź, Poland.

Having started by handling contacts from the client’s English speaking customer cohort, we now manage calls and emails in five languages - English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and French. Across all markets we currently receive and respond to 360,000 inbound calls and 160,000 emails per annum handling multiple contact types including order status, return and refunds, cancellations and general query management. We have worked in partnership to support JuicePLUS+ as their business in Europe has expanded exponentially. This is testament to the excellent work of our multi-lingual Łódź team.

The quality of the service we provide to its customers is of the utmost importance to JuicePLUS+. We hold bi-weekly calibration sessions in which both parties review the quality of contact handling in key areas such as level of empathy displayed; overall professionalism; the speed, effectiveness and quality of query resolution; and product and procedural knowledge. Furthermore, JuicePLUS+ sets us challenging Net Promoter Score targets and we are delighted to have consistently met and indeed exceeded these objectives.

In 2015, as the partnership deepened and because of the quality of existing service, JuicePLUS+ asked Capita Customer Solutions to expand our delivery ambit by launching a multi-lingual collections service from January 2016 in several of their key markets. Our objective was to facilitate greater customer engagement and enhanced collection rates. Using our proprietary software, CollectSure, we implemented an end-to-end procedure that identifies different types of customers/accounts and treats each cohort commensurate to variables such as their risk profile and propensity to pay.  The results have been very encouraging and we have met all pre-determined targets.

JuicePLUS+ trusts us to deliver a quality service to their customers. We have met and exceeded that expectation and in return JuicePLUS+ has rewarded us by developing our partnership into a true strategic partnership, by expanding our range of services. Our partnership with JuicePLUS+ is a true success story and one that we expect to have a long, productive and successful future.

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