RPA is an emerging practice and associated technologies for performing business processes by replicating what a human does, but doing so using automated robotic agents. 
These automated agents act, and interact with your IT applications just as humans do to automate those repetitive and mundane tasks carried out by people, therefore allowing your people to perform more interesting, rewarding and value add activities

We are proud to introduce RPA-as-a-Service, powered by Capita Customer Solutions. This brings together our extensive expertise in managing and hosting Business Process solutions, and combining it with our resilient IT infrastructure, process excellence experience, and our in-house development expertise in RPA. RPA-as-a-Service offers a secure and compliant hosted solution, measured in robot productivity at a fraction of the cost of human hours.  
Our RPA-as-a-service offering will deliver a cost-effective, low risk and trusted solution for your business by working with you to define your RPA Business Case, Developing your RPA Solution and most importantly, operating and maintaining your new RPA assets from our central operations centre in Cork, Ireland.

For more information, please contact our Chief Commercial Officer, Martin Ryan

Watch our video explaining RPA-as-a-Service click here