"The Injuries Board has outsourced front line services to Capita Customer Solutions since 2004 with some back office services moving out as the relationship and the process developed over the 12 years.  The Board was set up in 2004 and had no legacy issues and made the decision from the outset to create an in-house/out-house delivery model.  The outsourced model provided us with the flexibility to avail of developed and structured business processes and economies of scale that would not have been available to an agency of our size.  The flexibility of the outsourced service centre model has allowed us to deal with peaks and troughs in work volumes and allowed up to adjust to business needs as volumes fluctuate.  The fixed price contract has allowed us to budget accurately and to manage our costs in an effective manner and has allowed the agency to gain a lower, flexible and predictable cost base.

As the process developed and staff in the service centre became more familiar with the work, many innovations and improvements were suggested which provided a more efficient and effective way of completing the tasks required.  We were able to avail of innovative IT and call centre technology that may not have otherwise been practical or feasible for a small agency.  By putting a gain share clause in the contract we have created an environment where innovation and new ideas are encouraged and the benefits shared with both parties.

The relationship with Capita Customer Solutions is very much a partnership where key decisions that impact the process or the customer experience are considered by both parties to ensure a seamless process and an integrated experience for the end user.  The relationship still requires tight management and key performance indicators allow for transparency on all sides around performance and adherence to service levels.  The relationship is at a very mature stage after 12 years and Capita Customer Solutions continually show commitment to the on-going development and improvement of the process and to providing a solid and dependable business relationship."

Helen Moran
Director of Business Support Services
Injuries Board